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Michigan Green Cabs. LLC.

“Anything BUT your typical cab company ”

Michigan Green Cabs, LLC was founded in response to dramatically changing environmental and economic demands. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly transportation is no longer a goal but a requirement being legislated at every level of government. Technological advancements in vehicles as well as dispatch and computer driven communications make today the ideal time to get on board with every advancement.

Michigan Green Cabs, LLC. is the vehicle, delivering clean new technologies to an industry that has otherwise has been slow to change. By empowering new owner operators to own their own business with a minimal upfront investment and leveraging the latest technologies to maximize their margins of profit.

The environmental effect of converting existing cab fleets and franchising new owner operators is substantial, immediate and lasting. For every 150 old Crown Victoria’s we replace we can save 1,200,000 gallons of fuel annually and reduce green house gasses by 70 % . From an economic impact standpoint for every 100 new cabs we franchise we create 300 new permanent jobs for displaced Michigan workers. Improved efficiency and profitability allows owner operators the option of offer health care and other benefits to drivers who traditionally had no benefits.

Michigan Green Cabs, LLC. new approach attracts the best possible workforce, operating in new factory warranted vehicles, our uniformed drivers can take pride in their business opportunity. The key to our market share and visibility is the shortcut link downloaded from our website @ so that scheduling is just a point and click away. Owner operators working in conjunction with the parent company Michigan Green Cabs, LLC. work daily to be sure that all business clients in their local markets download the shortcut and that fares also use their PDA ,cell Phone or computer’s to link for reduced cost of future fares. Our toll free ( 877 - GRN - TAXI ) phone number will be marketed in all of the traditional advertising mediums.

Corporate sponsorship in the form of 24/7 display advertising on our cab fleet helps offset the cost of computerized dispatch, global positioning, mapping, the latest hybrid technologies. All of our fleet vehicles are leased for 24 month terms to owner operators. Cabs are adorned with Corporate Marketing similar to “Nascar ” racecars. Cab vehicles are never allowed to become outdated and antiquated.

Corporate business accounts are perused by the parent company Michigan Green Cabs, LLC. for Food, Pharmacy, postal, parcel and package, UPS. Fedex and medical and legal courier and delivery services via the shortcut link. Cabs retired from the taxi fleet but still in good repair can be re-leased to owner operators for fleet services.

Group health benefits and fleet insurance savings can be passed on to owner operators thru the parent Michigan Green Cabs, LLC.

In no way can it be overstated that Michigan Green Cabs, LLC is
“ ANYTHING BUT YOUR TYPICAL CAB COMPANY ” our strength and competitive edge is our desire and ability to embrace and stay ahead of all of the latest environmental and technological advancements.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jonathan E. Tobias, President
Michigan Green Cabs, LLC.

Toll Free: 887-GRN-TAXI