I was at a breakfast meeting at the Sheraton Boardwalk this morning, and as
I was driving out one of your cabs was sitting there in the queue. So I
rolled down the window and asked the guy what's up with these new white cabs
I'm seeing around town.

I was quite impressed with the conversation. He shared with me the green
philosophy of the company the fact that you started with 2 cars, added 8
more and talked about the daily wash and regular detailing of the cars to
maintain them in line with customer expectations. He also talked about
account relationships that are working out and of course handed me a card.
It was a great low-pressure conversation, and I was amazed at how he went on
and on, continuing to present the company thoroughly and in a manner that
did justice to all that you do.

I hope the business is going well, and continues to meet or exceed your

My best,


Subject: RE: Changes needed

Wonderful customer service.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!


Hello, Tim,

Thank you for handling the airport pickups of VIPs .. --all were pleased.

Thank you!


Subject: Re: Transportation Receipts - Michigan Green Cabs

Thank you, this is working so great for our company!

Travel and Logistics manager

Subject: Green Taxi Service


I wanted to thank you and your drivers for the wonderful service you have
been providing us over the last few weeks. They have been prompt, the cars
clean and our crews have been very complimentary of your service. Well
Done... Thank you for your continued service

Hey Tim:

The ride today went according to plan. I'm at the train station now in
Windsor. Pick up at the airport (DTW) went fine and my driver Thomas was
professional and did a good job.

Thanks again - Cathy
Thanks Tim!!! We're glad to support a local business. Your drivers work
really hard, and I know it's a tough way to (make) a living.

We'll keep calling whenever anything comes up!


.. First I want you to know - a week ago or so, three of our female
executives traveling to Philadelphia and back spoke very highly of your
services. Please give our compliments to your driver(s). These ladies expect
a lot and your driver delivered! We couldn't ask for more!


Please add the extra tip amounts we discussed for the drivers who moved
our group back from the other hotel. It was a tricky situation for us and
the Michigan Green Cabs staff helped us manage it without a hitch. The
managers involved asked me to pass along their thanks.


I had need of your services today. The car was spotless, the
driver arrived within minutes (early) of when he said he’d be here, and he
drove very conservatively, but not pokey. Was a perfect experience.

Just fyi. Thx Mike
Tim - We call Michigan Green Cabs Ann Arbor because we feel your service is
a cut above the other options we have for bringing in our candidates. It's
important that our candidates get moved around on-time and are treated well.
We appreciate your service. Lisa

Subject: RE: Thank you! from Michgan Green Cab Ann Arbor


Thank you and your drivers. I was there 3 times in the past 4 weeks and
used your company extensively (including to and from the Detroit Airport).
You offer a fine service, have great drivers and I like your concept.

I will be back for 3 more trips next summer. See you then.

Kind regards,

Tim: Thank you for arranging the cab for me on Saturday. Want to let you know that the driver who picked me up Zach, was very good. Professional, followed up with me to see when I was ready and a pleasure to share a ride with. I will continue to spread the word on Michigan Green Cabs! Tom M.
Cab rides have been uniformly great so far, all on time and really nice drivers. Thank you so much for your help! Best, Z

Subject: RE: Thank You! From Michigan Green Cabs

Hello Tim,

Thank you very much for this message.

It was a pleasure interacting with several of your drivers. Each one of them
was courteous, knowledgable, and extremely helpful. I want to say a special
thank you to my driver Bruce!

Each time I am in Michigan for business I will definitely be using Michigan
Green Cab for my transportation needs.

Thank you again for this message and I hope your business prospers.


Thanks so much. Your company did a great job!!!!


Subject: I appreciate the good service I have received

Dear Mr. Tobias,

I started working for the University of Michigan School of Public Health two
months ago. I use the Michigan Flyer to commute from my home in Lansing to
the University about 3 times per week. I have been using Michigan Green Cabs
to take me between the Michigan Flyer and the School of Public Health. This
has reduced the stress of commuting a lot. Your drivers treat me very well
and I think I know most of them now by name. Bruce has especially gone out
of his way to watch out for me and to make my commute as easy as possible. I
have never called a different cab company because of the courteous and
efficient service that your drivers provide to me. I just want to let you
know how well I have been treated and that I will continue to rely on your
service to travel between the Michigan Flyer and the my workplace.



Subject: RE: Thanks! From Michigan Green Cabs Ann Arbor

Mr. Tobias,
My driver was very professional and made a lasting impression that I should
use your company when in Detroit.

Subject: Re: Transportation Receipt attached for Lee on 4-5-12

Thank you, this is working out very good!

Travel and Logistics manager.

Hey Ryan...

I just wanted to pass along that I used Green Cab on Saturday night from
Plymouth to Bham. Robin, if I remember correctly, was my driver and she was
just amazing! Prompt, courteous and just all around a positive
representation of your company!!!

Everything was perfect, it really was the best decision we made.

The drivers were really friendly and courteous, special thanks to everyone .